Corey Seckerson - Experienced Professional in the Farming Industry

Corey Seckerson

An experienced farm manager, Corey Seckerson has led as CEO of C&S Seckerson Farms Partnership in Jamestown, North Dakota, for nearly two decades. He oversees all stages of the growing process, from seeding to harvesting, and takes an active role in crop management. Corey Seckerson routinely reviews statistics related to soil, weather, and other contributing factors, which in turn allows him to predict future crop yields and related profits up to a full year ahead of time.

Mr. Seckerson also manages all business aspects necessary for the farm's daily operations. He hires and trains all of the farm's dedicated workers while working to ensure that all farm machinery is in consistent working order. Concurrent with these responsibilities, he closely monitors the farm's inventory.

Corey Seckerson further stands out as CEO of Seckerson Aerial Spraying, a crop dusting company that he led for for 10 years while guiding the farming enterprise. During this period, he treated a total of 200,000 acres and logged 6,000 total flight hours. Also responsible for company finances and compliance, he now focuses these skills exclusively on his work with his farming partnership.